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Oneshot (RPG Maker game) :iconnightmargin:NightMargin 501 202 Even god has his limits :iconhazi-kun:hazi-kun 13 3 Niko: Oneshot The Game#2 :iconyoringuel:Yoringuel 17 2 Overwatch: They sure are brothers :iconblade-fury:Blade-Fury 27 1 The man who speaks in hands comics :iconrestingjudge:RestingJudge 160 17
To my Watchers and friends
I just wanted to let all my watchers and pals know that I love you guys so fucking much. You are, you mean the world to me as you have all helped me to grow into a better individual. You have given me the motivation to keep a pencil in my hand and keep drawing what I love and posting it here. Thank you all. I am so glad to have you all be a part of my life and that I can share my ideas and stories with you all and that you all appreciate and really care about me. I care a hell of a lot about you all. You are my second family and I have never felt safer talking online then with you guys. Every comment, every fave, every llama means a lot. I know I haven't talked a lot cause of college. But do know that not a day goes by when I don't visit the site to check on you all. I worry and care for you all even if I don't know you irl. Because you are all still human beings with lives and feelings and goals and you all mean so much. You are all worth so much. You are the most fantastic bunch of p
:iconlumeralightstar:LumeraLightstar 16 113
Boney baby :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 355 41 Mercy :iconkiosama1:kiosama1 254 8 So many Sans! :iconaggablaze:Aggablaze 861 105 The Challenge :iconfangirldsq:FanGirlDSQ 742 240 Sans determination :iconfangirldsq:FanGirlDSQ 713 230 Stop worrying about it, Mercy :iconhidden-maverick:Hidden-Maverick 63 2 Mercy x Medic :iconsieyarelow:Sieyarelow 176 29 Horrortale Comic 09: Revive Animatic :iconsour-apple-studios:Sour-Apple-Studios 810 137 Welcome friends! - UnderSwap Sans pagedoll :iconkyubeygirl:KyubeyGirl 428 64 Y'look terrible bro :iconslasharu:Slasharu 1,364 155

Newest Deviations

12 Days of Overwatch
On the twelfth day of Overwatch, Blizzard bestowed on me:
12 Raging Teammates
11 Hacking Sombras
10 Connection Losts
9 Legendary Duplicates (Say it fast)
8 Unfair Matches
7 Sucky Hanzos
6 Idle Ki-icks
4 Junkrat Steel Traps
3 Edgy Reapers
2 Sucky Genji"s
And the Origins Legendary Skins!
:iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 0 6
I'm thankful :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 0 0 *sigh* :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 0 0 Heartbroken :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 0 7 WTF?! (Better) :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 1 3 WTF?! :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 1 0 Commission of Yuki made by MEGA1126 :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 4 2
Underwatch Quotes
So, I got an idea:
What if Undertale and Overwatch were combined?
So, here are the characters I select to represent which hero.
Frisk: Mercy
Toriel: Zenyatta(Magic)
Flowey: Hanzo
Sans: Tracer(But he fires lasers from his gaster blasters that do massive damage)
Papyrus: McCree
Undyne: Pharah
Alphys: Mei(Both are very awkward)
Mettaton: Symmetra(Dem' Legs, dat dancing, and ESPECIALLY dat ass!)
Asgore: Reinhardt
Chara: Reaper(But throws blades like Genji)
Frisk Quotes:
"You're ready to dish some damage!"(DMG Increased with Staff)
"Attack increased! Get in there!"(DMG Increased with staff)
"Don't worry, I got your back."(Healing with Staff)
"You're being healed, don't worry."(Healing with Staff)
"Gotta stay determined!"(Respawn)
"Hi there!"
"Thank you!"
"Group up with me!"
"Come to me everyone!"
"I need healing!"
"I'm badly hurt..."
"Everyone! Stay determined!"(Ultimate, Ally/Self)
"Get up everyone!"(Ultimate, Enemy)
:iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 3 2
GET THE SHOTGUNS OUT, ISIS HATERS!!! :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 2 3 Walfas Comic: Kamigami Battle :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 1 0 Touhou OC: Kamigami :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 1 2
Mature content
Reisen Udongein Inaba tied up and beaten. :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 0 9
OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 0 0
I got myself a blog!
I got myself a blog on Tumblr!
(Basically, its a Q&A, where my oc Yuki(In his ModelZXA form) hangs out with multiple(or one)video game character/characters at a time.
I'll be mixing it up every week! So be sure to check it out ^_^
:iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 0 0
Image :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 0 0 #ProtectiveHanzo Anybody? :iconomegamodelzxa:OmegaModelZXA 3 0


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OmegaModelZXA's Profile Picture
Harrison Blythe Satcher
United States
Hello! I'm ModelZXA, user of Biometal Model ZXA. Feel free to chat, RP, etc.

What I Like:
-Video Games
-Guns(I'm not a masochist, I just like how they operate)
-Team Based Games (Overwatch, Paladins, etc)

What I Dislike:
-People who make jokes about offensive topics (Ex: Jokes about 9/11.) (Oh, and btw, this comes from a guy who normally loves making jokes)
-Impolite People
-People who do stuff and use their problems as an excuse (I've learned a while ago, you can't use your problems, like having Aspergers, as an excuse. And this comes from a guy who has Aspergers.)

I'm a gamer, and I will forever be one!

You can find me on Archive of Our Own here:…

You can also find me on Steam here:…

Some Facts about me:

-I have Aspergers (As I said before)
-I am a Christian
-One of my great, great, great, great grandfathers was one of the people who signed The Declaration of Independence.
-My entire family was born in America (Parents, Siblings, etc)
-I was given an author's ribbon when I was in 2nd Grade.
  • Listening to: Undertale Music (It's THAT fucking good)
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Overwatch: Origins Edition (REAPER FTW!!!)
  • Eating: Uncrustable PB&J's
  • Drinking: Orange Juice (Mmmm, mah favorite)

Haven't been on in a while, but just so ya'll know, I'm still alive.

Also, wtf happened to :icondemonhuntermorgan:?
Her account is inactive.

Install skin!
6:45 PM

The cake is a lie!

Just a rule: keep the "Install skin!" button.

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